About Chad Chesmark

Chad is a professional trade show info-tainer who specializes building large crowds around trade show exhibits. Chad works closely with your team to create customized presentations that inform and entertain your booth guests. The results are more profit for your company!

Houston Trade Show Magician


Chad unites people at trade shows by creating unforgettable, customized, magic & mind-reading presentations - and those presentations create cheerful memories that are forged into the audience's mind with your brand as the backdrop.


Chad's magical presentations will bring previously unimaginable levels of energy and excitement to your event trade show booth.


Chad uses a blend of award-winning sleight-of-hand magic, experience as a 16 year headlining entertainer for 5 major cruise lines, and his trade show experience to turn your booth into the buzz of the show.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Let's work together to make your next trade show a huge success!

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