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Trade Show Magician Testimonial
Trade Show Magician Review

"Chad is such a delight. We don’t have to worry about a thing, he just jumps right in and starts…He brings people together in an organic way…he is a hit! - Joy Fairchild / The Women's Resource

“We had never done anything like this…but Chad Chesmark was a great success. He interacted wonderfully with our team…That combination of his accessible personality and great illusions make Chad the perfect fit for our company…he brought a buzz and interest that helped keep everyone engaged…He does a phenomenal job." - Paul Womack / Partners in Building

“Chad was amazing, hilarious, fun, and effective… It was the best we had seen in years!”- Glenda Plunket / Shebly Memorial

“Chad Chesmark was a huge success…he does a great job of tailoring his show to the audience. We really appreciate his professionalism and would definitely recommend him to others.” - Amanda Vance / Association of County Auditors

“Chad amazes everyone in the room…he is very adaptable and great to work with. Recommend him 100%” - Susana Gonzalez / WorelyParsons Resources & Energy

“You actually MAKE our show a memorable one - folks can’t stop talking about you!!! Your interactions and ability to adjust your style to various groups of people you encounter shows your unique ability to tune into what catches people’s interest. Your flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile was key to the success…we highly recommend your services (and have) to any organization looking for that special touch.” - Gloria Fallin / Alpheus Communications

“Chad Chesmark is very talented and has a great personality! We have worked with him several times and at each show he keeps the crowd thoroughly engaged. We look forward to having more shows with Chad!” Robin Wenger / American Hospitality Group

“…He has crowds forming around him the entire event. We will definitely be hiring him again!” - Maggie Correll / Frontier Title

“OMG he is incredible!” - Faraz Memon / Zycus

"We definitely noticed the professionalism and care you took in our show and we are so grateful!" - Stacy Wineberry / The Fertility Institute

“I love Chad and his professionalism…he was a HUGE HIT! - Cheryl C. Johnson / Cheryl Johnson Promotions

“Chad blows away the audience. His talent is incredible and he leaves the crowd wanting more.” - Nancy McClain / Zycus

“Chad is great! Every person who has a chance to interact with him is completely blown away…he has a fun personality, but not too big or cheesy…perfect fit for our crowds.” Jennifer McDowell / Corona Metals